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Autentico Mood Boards! May 05 2015

New training room for courses in the Gers! May 05 2015

We've been working really hard getting our second training room ready in the Gers. From now the basic Autentico workshops are available in this fantastic setting in the rural Gers. If you would like more information about these courses or you would like to book please contact Dan here.

Our basic courses will introduce you to our paint and some basic decorative techniques you can use to paint your own pieces and how to use our paints and products to achieve the look you want.

To find out details about courses in other areas please check out our Painting Workshops page.

Child Safe and Eco-friendly Paints April 13 2015

Here at Autentico France we are delighted to be able to announce that after recent tests we can add our Velvet, Versante Superior Eggshell, and Versante Outdoor Matt to the lists of our paints and products which conform to EN71-3 (July 2013) standards - Toy safety and child products.
At Autentico it is our aim to offer you simple and practical paints and products. But equally important to us is respecting the environment and the safety and well-being or all our families.  Now we can truly offer paint for every situation with peace of mind.

Découpage design challenge in 10 minutes January 31 2015

You will need:
Nice tissue paper
a clean glass jar
a small paint brush
Autentico Découpage Matt or Gloss
Vintage for decoration (optional)

New colours for 2015!!! January 24 2015


Autentico France is proud to present 10 new coulours for 2015!


From the top left hand corner these are: Winter Night, Truffle, Smoke, Plum, Lazy Sunday, Gustavian Blue, Nordic Blue, Green Tea, Graphite,  and finally Green Leaf.

These new colours will be available to order as of next week and updated on our website shortly.

But don't forget we also have Warm Chestnut, our take on the Pantone coulour of the year Marsala!!



Flagship Store in Bruges! November 28 2014

Not so very long ago we had the pleasure of joining all the other Autentico national distributors in celebrating the opening of the new Autentico flagship store in Bruges. And here we all are: Marc and Neus from Spain, Dorian from the Republic of Ireland, Eric and Ris, Jochem, Sarah and Susanne from Belgium, Elise from Africa, Sandra and Ivor from Northern Ireland, and Agnieszka from Poland. They are accompanied by members of our UK staff, Alice, Sally, Jonathan and -as usual- Dan's righthand side.
It was great meeting up with other distributors and pooling and sharing experiences and ideas, as well as being inspired by the wonderful new store in Bruges. We also got to hear about the increasing range of Autentico products currently in development. So watch this space!

Two-tone desktop shelves in Autentico Vintage Vert Olive and Earth Stone! September 26 2014


My first problem was choosing colors. I wanted something modern and not too bright as it was going to sit on my desk. So I went for Earth Stone and Vert Olive.

I started by giving the shelf unit a quick wipe down (it was a bit dusty) and a very brief rub over with a piece of sandpaper.

Remember although you can definitely use our paint without extensive preparation a bit of cleaning and sanding will only make your final finish that much better!

So after a bit of basic prep I gave the whole thing a coat of Earth Stone inside and out. If I’d had a small roller handy I probably could have sped things up a bit but as it was I used a brush. Due to the restricted space on the inside I improvised a DIY extension for my paint brush using two chopsticks and some masking tape. This made it much easier to paint the inside back and in the corners without rubbing off what I had already painted and getting it allover my hands.              




As you can see I even got my son to give me a hand. That is one of the things I love about this paint. It is EN71-3 compliant meaning it has been approved for use on children’s furniture and toys. That means I don’t even have to think twice about putting a paintbrush in my son’s hand and letting him have a go.



I waited a couple of hours to let it dry properly then masking taped the from around the edge and applied the Vert Olive to the sides. Before the paint was dry I removed the masking tape. Then using a small brush (basically because I was too impatient to wait for the sides to dry enough to apply masking tape) I painted the front edges in Earth Stone and then set to applying a second coat of Earth Stone all over the inside of the shelves.

I am really pleased with the result. What I really love is the stark modern lines of the two-tone colour combination coupled with the soft chalky finish. It makes for a very sophisticated contemporary look. The only thing I need to do now is to decide whether to wax it or put on a coat of Autenico sealer. For ease of application I think I will opt for the sealer as I can apply that with my adapted brush making it easier to get in those awkward corners.

And here it is in my new office area.



Sarah Kühne

Autentico Vintage 1 hour, 1 tester challenge – Bedside table/small stool in Swedish Blue. September 01 2014

If you read the instructions of our Autentico Vintage paint carefully you will notice that we recommend following general painting rules. This would mean all the preparation involved in this, cleaning, sanding etc. But essentially it’s all a matter of the effect you are trying to achieve, what the object you want to paint is made out of and many other different factors.

Another question we often get just how much can you do with one of our 100ml testers.

So I decided to set myself a challenge. 1 hour total time prep, painting and waxing (not including drying time obviously :)) and 1 tester.

Here's the piece I've been itching to paint:


It's a small foldable stool which I plan on using as a bedside table. I'm not looking for a perfect finish or anything elaborate just a new colour and chalky finish!

So I have an hour. I decided to give it a quick rub on the top as that would be the most visible part and the bit that will get the most wear. Sanding helps the paint to bind to the surface so will improve the paint's ability to stick. But this is a 1 hour challenge so it really was a very quick rub and I didn't sugar soap the item at all but just wiped it over.


You may notice I'm doing all this on my dining room table. That is one of the things I love most about Autentico Chalk Paint because it's water based and because of its consistency it really is possible to throw down a sheet or a few sheets of newspaper just about anywhere and get painting.



This is the first coat of Swedish Blue going on. In fact I didn't even have a full tester as I had used some on a previous project: The first coat took about 10/15 minutes to put on and afterwards it looked like this,


Now depending on what kind of look you're going for this might even be enough, although we always recommend two coats. I went off did some other stuff and let this dry for an hour or so and then came back to put on another coat. this maybe took a bit longer than the first coat because I realised I hadn't got into all the corners the first time around!


Another hour and it was ready to seal. I could have used sealer or varnish but I opted for the Autentico Clear Soft Wax. I wanted to do it quickly and I know not everyone has a wax brush so I applied the wax with one cloth and then buffed it with another one half an hour later. This is fine although the brush definitely gives a more consistent covering and just makes it easier to apply.The finished result looks like this and I still have a little bit left in my tester pot. Not bad for an hour's work!!!

Our stockist Screwpak in Le Vigan, Lot hits the brocante in Gourdon for the 14th July!!! July 15 2014


What is the best way to get our products out for people to see and discover them? Well we believe the best way to display how effective our products are, is to demonstrate them. That is why you will be pleased to know that we are working on getting our courses up and running for the autumn/winter season.

Unable to wait till then, stockist Cormac Byrne at Screwpak in Le Vigan, Lot got himself a stall at the local brocante organized at Gourdon. What better way to inspire a vintage upcycling spree than to be able to show the paints "sur place" while customers purchase their potential project pieces. This generated a lot of local interest from people wanting to repaint the chair they had just bought to people wanting a cost effective revamp for their kitchen.



If you live in the Gourdon area don't hesitate to check out Screwpak's Facebook page:

Or why not pop down to the shop in person and ask Cormac for some advice on how best to tackle your next project and the best products to use! And don't forget to keep your eyes open for news on upcoming courses and events here.

Autentico Chalk Paints are coming to France!! May 19 2014

In the beginning...

For those of you out there frustrated because you have been unable to source Autentico products in France, your prayers have been answered. Autentico France has found its home in Le Vigan in the Lot. 

Last week we were lucky enough to have Autentico's founders Eric and Ris down to our shop and training room to tell us all about the history of the company, the products themselves and the endless amount of techniques and finishes possible.

I don't know about you but I have the bug. I want to paint everything I own in one of the 140 stylish colours.

The only thing missing now is the tinting machine which should be arriving next week.

And we can't wait!!!!!